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Songs to Wreck Your Car To

Artist Song Buy
Third Eye Blind  Semi-Charmed Life  buy on itunes
Ben Harper  Walk Away  buy on itunes
Three Doors Down  Not Enough  buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  Cathedrals  buy on itunes
Disturbed  Stupify  buy on itunes
Drowning Pool  Tear Away  buy on itunes
Bush  Mouth  buy on itunes
Deftones  Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)  buy on itunes
Linkin Park  By Myself  buy on itunes
Limp Bizkit  Boiler  buy on itunes
POD  Alive  buy on itunes
Papa Roach  Never Enough  buy on itunes
prime STH  Let Me Bleed  buy on itunes
Slipknot  Wait and Bleed  buy on itunes
Seven Channels  Can't Be With You  buy on itunes
Stabbing Westward  Everything I Touch  buy on itunes
stereomud  Perfect Self  buy on itunes
Staind  Home  buy on itunes
Tantric  I Don't Care  buy on itunes


If you want to know about the inspiration for this mix, CLICK HERE to be directed to an entry in my journal.
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Date: 11/20/2002
Ummm, if it makes you feel any better, imagine this: I once veered from the street into an RV parked in a driveway and the song on the radio was Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach." Everything about that scenario is pathetic.
Date: 11/20/2002
excellent balance of upbeat rock, stuff to get you riled and soon you will notice your speedometer 150, 160, 170, 185 km/h
Date: 11/20/2002
You don't know how right you are... I reversed into my garage door (don't ask), whilst listening to By Myself.
Bryan Markovich
Date: 10/14/2003
You don't need music to wreck you car, but I guess it helps. I like your list though.

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