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CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

Falling Out

Artist Song Buy
David Gray  Sail Away  buy on itunes
Cocteau Twins  Pandora  buy on itunes
Hooverphonic  2 Wicky  buy on itunes
Sarah Brightman   Deliver Me  buy on itunes
Aqualung  Strange and Beautiful  buy on itunes
Sarah MacLachlan  Ice Cream  buy on itunes
Starsailor  Good Souls  buy on itunes
Cocteau Twins  Heaven or Las Vegas  buy on itunes
Zero 7   Destiny  buy on itunes
Luna  Sleeping Pill  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Sorta Fairytale   buy on itunes
The Cranberries  Pretty  buy on itunes
Live   Lightening Crashes  buy on itunes
Sting   Desert Rose  buy on itunes
Sade   Sweetest Taboo  buy on itunes
Garbage  Sleep  buy on itunes


I have a million cds but none are meant for falling asleep to and when I go to bed I need something to listen to. So I thought this was good, you can also listen to this during daytime though I'm sure if you listen to this enough to go to bed to you'd be programmed to fall asleep to these songs.


mad girl's love song
Date: 12/8/2002
i really like that aqualung song.
Date: 12/9/2002
The track listing alone makes me sleepy.

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