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Black Mountain

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Black Mountain  Tyrants   buy on itunes
Black Mountain  Voices   buy on itunes
Baron & Black Mountain  The End Of The Beginning   buy on itunes


More than half the tracks here clock in at upwards of five minutes, which should offer a strong suggestion that Vancouver's Black Mountain prefers its brand of bluesy, psychedelic rock with a hint of jam. Lead by Stephen McBean (who also steers lo-fi/shoegaze outfit Pink Mountaintops) the band sits at the hub of a loosely affiliated, like-minded group of artists and musicians known as the Black Mountain Army, and plays to the kind of crowd that likes to let its imagination wander. Check out the simmering extended remix of early EP cut "Druganaut," the epic stomp (complete with wailing banshees) of "Stormy High," the meandering UNKLE collaboration "Clouds (Redux)," and the mellower avenues of "Stay Free" from second album In the Future, which somehow found its way on to the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack.
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