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Biffy Clyro

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They formed in Scotland in the mid-'90s, greatly inspired by Nirvana; they released debut album [i]Blackened Sky[/i] in 2002; but it wasn't until the arrival of their fourth studio LP — [i]Puzzle[/i] — in 2007 that the world really noticed what their devoted hardcore fanbase, Team Biffy, had seen all along. Biffy Clyro is an exceptional rock trio, capable of striking a perfect balance between light and heavy, headbanging their way through a monster riff one minute, floating off on waves of gentleness the next. Simon Neil leads twins James and Ben Johnston (on bass and drums respectively) like a natural — check out Neil's heartfelt tribute to his mum Eleanor ("Folding Stars") or the orchestral punch of "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies". Devotion is inevitable.
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