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Dan Mangan

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Dan Mangan  Journal of a Narcoleptic   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Unnatural Progression   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Till I Fall   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Tragic Turn of Events / Move Pen Move   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  So Much for Everyone   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Come Down   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Above the Headlights   buy on itunes
Dan Mangan  Reason to Think Aloud   buy on itunes


Vancouver-based indie artist Dan Mangan is a testament to the combined virtues of honest-to-goodness songwriting talent and unstinting hard work. Armed with little more than a bank loan and the generous support of several like-minded muso friends, he cut his first album, Postcards and Daydreaming, which boasted such small, perfectly formed, thought-provoking beauties as "Journal of a Narcoleptic" and "Come Down," then set about putting the word out with the kind of low-budget global tour that would have impressed Phileas Fogg in its scope. Follow-up Nice, Nice, Very Nice (2009) not only proved to be the work of a mature, eclectically receptive and seasoned traveller — taking in the feel-good bluegrass of "Sold" and the breezy folk-pop of "Robots" (which, by the way, has a terrific video) — but also pulled in a well-deserved Polaris Prize 2010 nod. Make no mistake: Dan's your man.
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