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Hey gang - let's have a party!

Artist Song Buy
The Lunchlady (Sharon Adl-Doost)  Something good is about to happen  buy on itunes
Little Marcy  The Alphabet Song  buy on itunes
Bingo Gazingo  Psycho Psycho  buy on itunes
Henri Salvadore  Manahmanah  buy on itunes
Thomas A. Edison  Mary had a little lamb (1877)  buy on itunes
Mrs. Miller  These boots are made for walkin'  buy on itunes
The Exterminators  The Beetle-bomb  buy on itunes
Edward Meeker  When the band plays 'Yankee Doodle' (1903)  buy on itunes
Sebastian Cabot  Like a rolling stone  buy on itunes
The Lunchlady  Take a little time to smile  buy on itunes
Pete Roberts  The Ho Ho rock and roll  buy on itunes
Shooby Taylor  Lift every voice and sing  buy on itunes
Joe 'Fingers' Carr  Istanbul  buy on itunes
George W. Bush  Fool me once  buy on itunes
Ian Shoales  White Lies  buy on itunes
The Zanies  Mad Scientist  buy on itunes
Jim Backus  Caveman  buy on itunes
Dr. Science  The Scientific Method  buy on itunes
The Tremelos  Kackle  buy on itunes
Mohammed Rafi  Jaan Pehechaan Ho  buy on itunes
Bunker Hill  Girl can't dance  buy on itunes
D.D.T. and the Repellents  The Fly Swatter  buy on itunes
Bobby Warren & the Rebelettes  Motorcycle Maniac  buy on itunes
Barry Tiffin  Candy Bars for Elvis  buy on itunes
Tony Roman  Doo Wah Diddy (in French)  buy on itunes
Bobby Bare  Vampira  buy on itunes
William Shatner  How Insensitive  buy on itunes
Little Marcy  Devil Devil go away  buy on itunes


OK, what the hell is this all aboot? I was looking for an excuse to collect some of the most bizarre, fun and/or historic moments in recorded history. Some of this is downright painful to suffer through more than once, but other tracks only get better with age. I leave it to the gentle listener to determine which is which. This is one disc that will get the party going, and bring it to a screaching, bloody halt. Hope you like it! This one is for the kids - to those boss purveyors of incredibly strange (and wonderful) music Greaseball, Casetta, Lo-Fi Jr., Joey de Vivre, Ion Moe, and local dj hero Zombo. Think of this disc as a good way to kick off '03 - after all, it can only get better..... or can it? [Thanks to Lucy Blue for the great French track - check out her Quebec disc!] Let the fist-pumping begin! (By the way, I know that I used that Bush quote on my Xmas mix - it's SO historic that I had to use it here. I know you'll understand.) Update: Add Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns' "Don't you just know it" b/w Shatner and Marcy.


joey de vivre
Date: 1/3/2003
A friend once gave me a tape he called "Party-Stopping Music", & it worked as advertised - I bet this will too. It looks tres tres zombo!
Bent Wookie
Date: 1/3/2003
If you haven't already, you should check out the book "Songs In The Key Of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music". A couple of these artists are also featured on the companion CD comps.
Date: 1/3/2003
oh my. i think i need to do a trade for this.
lo-fi jr.
Date: 1/3/2003
Sure do need this to share with the family. thanks for including me in the list of purveyors of questionable taste.
p the swede
Date: 1/3/2003
stupid but of course I want it
The Misfit
Date: 1/3/2003
This looks amazing, let's trade again *real* soon!
Date: 1/3/2003
Wow. Bingo Gazingo scares me a little bit, but when you throw in Jim Backus all is right with the world.
Date: 1/3/2003
Dude, just how well-ventilated is that physics classroom you teach in? This looks wonderful Sean. I'm honored, I think, to be included in your "boss purveyors" list.
Date: 1/4/2003
You are without doubt the best in the biz at these kind of mixes Sean. I'll have this at some point. By the way, I still have the mix with the Tom Waits song which I must post to you soon. Sorry for the delay
Date: 1/4/2003
you were right , this does look amazing. Plenty of stuff I haven't heard but that intrigues me all the more. Thanks for the mention , and I'll second the comment on Lucy Blue's YE YE mix ,it is truly great.Jim Backus... my favorite original "Survivor"
Date: 1/4/2003
Your "boss purveyors" are an all-star lot of the cacophonous! Salute! Mohammed Rafi ROCKS! Besides, who can't like a mix featuring the soul stylings of Mr. French..?
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/4/2003
This looks great. When you finally get around to getting me copies of all of these mixes of yours, I'd like one of these, as well.
Date: 1/4/2003
superb! sounds like great entertainment.
Poopdeck Pete12
Date: 1/5/2003
It'd be right cool if you could cut me off one o' these on a nice piece of hurry.
Date: 1/8/2003
Pretty Good sorry i missed this before.
Date: 1/11/2003
Yes, it's awful, but if we don't document this, who will? Not ClearChannel! An impressive line-up, Sean. Lovers of similar curiosities should know that volume two of Songs in the Key of Z is out. Also, this past summer Shooby Taylor was found! Poppy, poppy, poppy!
Ken Harris
Date: 2/9/2003
Fantastic! Finally, someone who "gets it"...A mix with wit and creativity. I used to host a show called "Up, Up And Away" and spent each week playing this sort of stuff..Check out my playlists at has been invaluable for finding these weirdnesses...Hmmm, some trading, perhaps?...
James Jackson
Date: 5/7/2004
I've just found this mix. This is really cool.
Date: 1/3/2005
I freakin love that Shooby Taylor song. Shra-la-la-shreee!

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