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of all the gin joints...

Artist Song Buy
faith no more  epic  buy on itunes
new order  regret  buy on itunes
placebo  special k  buy on itunes
hum  if you are to bloom  buy on itunes
the breeders  drivin' on 9  buy on itunes
van morrison  brown eyed girl  buy on itunes
r.e.m.  crush with eyeliner  buy on itunes
the red hot chili peppers  the righteous and the wicked  buy on itunes
pixies  u-mass  buy on itunes
three dog night  mama told me not to come  buy on itunes
the rentals  friends of p  buy on itunes
sunny day real estate  the ocean  buy on itunes
portishead  wandering star  buy on itunes
the rolling stones  let it bleed  buy on itunes
neil young  pocahantas (acoustic)  buy on itunes
brave little toaster  eyes open  buy on itunes
alice in chains  over now (acoustic)  buy on itunes


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Date: 1/7/2003
nice idea and great songs.
Date: 1/7/2003
mmm...casablanca related title...that is right, right?? great mix. i'm a fan of your name also.
Date: 1/7/2003
i'm so sorry to hear that that rentals song and that pixies song are depressing reminders for you...:(
abigail dice1
Date: 1/7/2003
you're a faith no more fan too?! oi! oi. veeeery cool. [I'm a huge fan myself] Mike Patton is one of my musical heroes! :)
Russ Woods1
Date: 1/8/2003
Man, that would be even more depressing to be depressed when you heard such great songs, but I know how it is sometimes when you just have to listen, just to remember. Lovely.

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