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New Age - The Sound of Relaxation

Artist Song Buy
George Winston  Walking In the Air   buy on itunes
Yanni  In the Morning Light   buy on itunes
Enya  Watermark   buy on itunes
Kitaro  Whisper   buy on itunes
Secret Garden  Song from a Secret Garden   buy on itunes
Jim Brickman  First Light   buy on itunes
Midori  Lake of Purity   buy on itunes
Mark Isham  Tibet, Pt. 2   buy on itunes
John Tesh  A Promise of Love   buy on itunes
Alex de Grassi  Causeway   buy on itunes
Will Ackerman  Sound of Wind Driven Rain   buy on itunes
Terry Oldfield  Earth and Sky   buy on itunes
Mannheim Steamroller  Serenity   buy on itunes
Gandalf  Blossoms Falling Like Snow   buy on itunes
Liquid Mind  Whisper to Me   buy on itunes
Liz Story  Out of Time   buy on itunes
Steven Halpern  Inner Peace   buy on itunes
David Arkenstone  Jewel of the Sea   buy on itunes
Steven Halpern  2nd Chakra: Keynote D - Chakra Suite   buy on itunes


Hey, who doesn't need their chakras realigned every now and then? And if ever there was a music immaculately designed to smooth away the rough edges of your rough day, new age has got to be it. Spanning three continents and a zen garden full of instruments, these artists will rejuvenate your spirit, restore your balance, and refresh your soul. From the pristine splendor of a George Winston piano solo to the luxuriously lush orchestrations of Mannheim Steamroller, from the age-old Celtic roots of Enya to the new-age Asian mysticism of Kitaro, we've got the ideal sounds to calm your chi. And no matter where you are — from harmonic convergence point to freeway onramp — they can bring a little bit of spa-style sumptuousness into your hectic day.
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