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All Dreams Have A Meaning - All Dreams Have An Ending

Artist Song Buy
The Album Leaf  We Once Were (One)  buy on itunes
The Get Up Kids  Long Goodnight  buy on itunes
Aqualung  Strange And Beautiful  buy on itunes
The Jealous Sound  Anxious Arms  buy on itunes
Benton Falls  All These Things  buy on itunes
The Postal Service  Nothing Better  buy on itunes
Reggie And The Full Effect  Megan 2k2 (Even Though It's 2k3 Now)  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  I Won't Ever Be Happy Again  buy on itunes
Red Stars Theory  September  buy on itunes
Carissa's Wierd  Low Budget Slow Motion Soundtrack Song For The Leaving Scene  buy on itunes
Onelinedrawing  Why Are We Fighting  buy on itunes
Labradford  Comfort  buy on itunes
Weezer  Butterfly  buy on itunes
The Album Leaf  We Once Were (Two)  buy on itunes


This is a sleep mix I just made, it has lots of meaning and stuff. I think it kicks ass. Lots of very powerful songs that have a ton of emotion yet are so soothing. Tell me what you think? Sleep Easy!
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Bobbi Jo
Date: 1/21/2003
yo, baby-stud-pie, you got aythin' left for your ex-stable full of fillies? We all be missin' yo azz BIG time ! xxxoo
Date: 1/21/2003
oh man...this is amzing...i absolutely love that album leaf song and i put it on a mix for one of my friends. nice benton falls and jealous sound too! if you ever feel like trading let me know...looks like we have similar tastes.
Take Back Forever
Date: 1/21/2003
Thanks; It means a lot. I love Benton Falls so much, you must have good taste if you like them too! And um what the hell are you talking about in the first comment?!
Date: 1/22/2003
aww...you got to see the get up kids...just yesterday i was checking their tour schedule hoping they would make it to cal! i've never seen them! but oh well.
i, robot
Date: 1/24/2003
this is pretty good.

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