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Underground Metal

Artist Song Buy
Sepultura  Roots Bloody Roots   buy on itunes
Venom  Black Metal   buy on itunes
King Diamond  Welcome Home   buy on itunes
Celtic Frost  Procreation (Of the Wicked)   buy on itunes
Diamond Head  Am I Evil?   buy on itunes
Emperor  I Am the Black Wizards   buy on itunes
Carcass  Heartwork   buy on itunes
Godflesh  Like Rats   buy on itunes
Testament  Trial By Fire   buy on itunes
Saint Vitus  Born Too Late   buy on itunes


Home of the hardcore, the underground is where metal is at its most extreme. From the just-plain-scary sound of Venom giving rise to black metal to the grinding, pummeling grooves of Sepultura, we're kicking out the speaker-searing subgenres: death, doom, thrash, and more.
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