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half-assed dalliances

Artist Song Buy
pavement   stop breathin'  buy on itunes
the shipping news  the march song  buy on itunes
coldplay  the scientist  buy on itunes
june of 44  does your heart beat slower  buy on itunes
pele  the mind of minolta  buy on itunes
american analog set  punk as fuck  buy on itunes
isotope 217  audio boxing  buy on itunes
radiohead  street spirit  buy on itunes
american football  i'll see you when we both aren't so emotional  buy on itunes
the microphones  the moon  buy on itunes
the mercury program  the secret to quiet  buy on itunes
aloha   don't sleep  buy on itunes
june of 44  doomsday  buy on itunes
american football  five silent miles  buy on itunes
tortoise  TNT  buy on itunes
joan of arc  white out  buy on itunes


i made this specifically for a monday. mondays just always seem to call for experimental rock (with the exception of the radiohead/coldplay picks) - who's with me?
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Date: 1/26/2003
you can never go wrong with radiohead =)

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