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Down on Your Luck

Artist Song Buy
Spoon  Everything Hits at Once  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Song for Kelly Huckaby (facts version)  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  The Differences in the Shades  buy on itunes
Further Seems Forever  Pictures of Shorelines  buy on itunes
Trembling Blue Stars  Before We Know It  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley   Capturing Moods  buy on itunes
Elevator  buy on itunes
The Sea and Cake  I Missed the Glance  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes / Spoon  Spent on Rainy Days  buy on itunes
Knife in the Water  Nightingales of Evelyn  buy on itunes
Lali Puna  Middle Curse  buy on itunes
The Good Life  O'Rourke's, 1:20 a.m.  buy on itunes
Cursive  Fairytales Tell Tales  buy on itunes
Ms. John Soda  Elusive  buy on itunes
Trembling Blue Stars  Do People Ever?  buy on itunes
Tindersticks  No More Affairs  buy on itunes
..Trail of Dead  Mistakes & Regrets  buy on itunes
Thursday  Paris in Flames  buy on itunes
Red House Painters  Have You Forgotten?  buy on itunes


Mix for Yansa. three different versions of a messed up relationship basically. I swear that each time I make a mix, they get sadder for fark's sake! so glad explodingdog had some good images to merge together; made the perfect coverart.
image for mix


Date: 3/9/2003
fucking fun
Date: 3/31/2003
amazing...will you marry me?

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