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Based On A True Story Volume Two

Artist Song Buy
Cardigans (Black Sabbath)  Sabbath Bloody Sabbath  buy on itunes
The Baltimores (Kate Bush)  Running Up That Hill  buy on itunes
Judybats (Gary Numan)  Cars  buy on itunes
Cure (David Bowie)  Young Americans  buy on itunes
INXS (Steppenwolf)  Born To Be Wild  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash (Soundgarden)  Rusty Cage  buy on itunes
Love Spit Love (Smiths)  How Soon Is Now?  buy on itunes
Recliners (Beastie Boys)  Fight For Your Right  buy on itunes
The Waltons (Simon & Garfunkel)  The Boxer  buy on itunes
Divinyls (The Troggs)  Wild Thing  buy on itunes
Claudine Longet (The Beatles)  Here, There and Everywhere  buy on itunes
Evan Dando (Abba)  Knowing Me, Knowing You  buy on itunes
The Swans (Joy Division)  Love Will Tear Us Apart  buy on itunes
Moon Seven Times (Clan Of Xymox)  Michelle  buy on itunes
Falco (The Cars)  Munich Girls (Looking For Love)  buy on itunes
Boo Radleys (Smiths)  The Queen Is Dead  buy on itunes
Chainsaw Kittens (Go-Go's)  We Got The Beat  buy on itunes
The Church (The Beatles)  It's All Too Much  buy on itunes
Robyn Hitchcock (Bob Dylan)  Visions Of Johanna  buy on itunes
Dung Beatles (The Beatles)  Paper Ass Wiper  buy on itunes


The second in a long series of cover CDs. The tape versions had been pretty popular, so I thought I'd redo them from scratch - everything is sourced from CD and you got new artwork too. Bada boom, bada bing!
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Date: 2/11/2003
Loving this, and the cover art is putting me to shame!
Dale - Different Kitchen
Date: 2/11/2003
Spectacular artwork! And some great choices in covers - I have a pretty diverse collection of cover songs and still haven't heard many of these. The Love Spit Love especially intrigues me.
Date: 2/11/2003
Glad y'all like it, folks! Always willing to trade... hehe! Installments 3 through... 9? in the works.

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