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Other Mixes By ZACH A REEE

My Soul on a CD

Side A
Artist Song Buy
A Perfect Circle  Vacant  buy on itunes
Coheed & Cambria  Time Consumer  buy on itunes
Weezer  Only in Dreams  buy on itunes
Thursday  Cross Out The Eyes  buy on itunes
Blind Melon  Change  buy on itunes
The Dismemberment Plan  Gyroscope  buy on itunes
Sublime  I Saw Red (acoustic)  buy on itunes
The Pixies  Here Comes Your Man  buy on itunes
One Line Drawing  Got My List  buy on itunes
Crosby Stills Nash and Young  Carry On  buy on itunes
Pearl Jam  Footsteps  buy on itunes
John Mayer  My Stupid Mouth  buy on itunes
Guster  So Long  buy on itunes
The Deftones  Passenger  buy on itunes
Goo Goo Dolls  Acoustic #3  buy on itunes
Richie Valens  Sleepwalk  buy on itunes
Side B
The Beatles  Across The Universe  buy on itunes
Sparta  Mye  buy on itunes
Phish  Dirt  buy on itunes
Counting Crows  Have You Seen Me Lately (Storytellers)  buy on itunes
Silverchair  Love Your Life  buy on itunes
Ozma  Game Over  buy on itunes
Smashing Pumpkins  Perfect  buy on itunes
Our Lady Peace  4 AM  buy on itunes
Mineral  Slower  buy on itunes
Nine Inch Nails  Hurt  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Thinking About You  buy on itunes
Incubus  Echo  buy on itunes
Guns n Roses  Patience  buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional  Remember to Breath  buy on itunes
Fiona Apple  Never is a Promise  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Workin' On Leavin' The Livin'  buy on itunes


This is my first mix tape uploaded. I wanted to make a cd of depressing music that I used to listen to and hear it one last time to remember the feeling of loss and pain. Id love to hear some feedback on my mix, I think its pretty good.


Date: 2/11/2003
oh god thats such a good mix. i have a very similar mix minus the GNR and the Pearl Jam. anything by A Perfect Circle is amazing. everything on this mix is great.
abigail dice1
Date: 2/11/2003
this is absolutely wonderful. wow! I couldn't even list all the ones that are my favorites, there are too many. nice job! :)
Date: 2/11/2003
very very nice...look forward to seeing more.
Date: 2/11/2003
Wow..did you steal my CD Collection?? Excellent mix..many favorite artists here
Date: 2/11/2003
eee! this is so so so lovely!
Date: 3/30/2003
wow, great mix!!!
Date: 4/4/2003
Wow! I've got so many favourite songs on your mix it's incredible. Hehe. Love it :) Great choices.
Jake Adler
Date: 4/18/2003
This is a great mix. However, I'm not so sure about the title.
Date: 6/11/2003
the coheed & cambria made the mix perfect

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