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Soul Power: Rare Bits, Dusty Grooves and Crowd Pleasers, Vol. 1

Artist Song Buy
P.P. Arnold  Everything's Gonna Be Alright  buy on itunes
Barbara McNair  Baby A Go-Go  buy on itunes
The Committee  Give In to the Power of Love  buy on itunes
Linda Lyndell  Bring Your Love Back  buy on itunes
Darrell Banks   Open the Door to Your Heart  buy on itunes
Syl Johnson  Is It Because I'm Black?  buy on itunes
Dusty Springfield   Am I the Same Girl?  buy on itunes
Marvin Gaye  It's a Desperate Situation  buy on itunes
Jeannie Reynolds   I Don't Mess Around  buy on itunes
Eddie and Ernie  Thanks for Yesterday  buy on itunes
Cody Black  Mr. Blue  buy on itunes
Brenton Wood  The Oogum Boogum Song  buy on itunes
Cynthia Sheeler  I'll Cry Over You  buy on itunes
Bessie Banks  Go Now  buy on itunes
Cassietta George  Let's Get Together  buy on itunes
Major Lance  The Monkey Time  buy on itunes
Betty Harris  Cry to Me  buy on itunes
Leroy Taylor and the Four Kays  I'll Understand  buy on itunes
Tippie and the Wisemen  Wait Till I Get There  buy on itunes
The Jewels  Opportunity  buy on itunes
Ruby Johnson  I'll Run Your Hurt Away  buy on itunes
Eddie Holman  Eddie's My Name  buy on itunes
The Carstairs   It Really Hurts Me, Girl  buy on itunes
The Epsilons  Mind in a Bind  buy on itunes
Shirley Edwards   Dream My Heart  buy on itunes
Curtis Blandon  In the Long Run  buy on itunes
Oohna Truth  So Many Ways to Die  buy on itunes
Young-Holt Unlimited  California Montage  buy on itunes


The product of (too) many Northern Soul and related rare groove collections, distilled to include only my absolute favorite songs--the first in a planned series. "Open the Door to Your Heart" is the greatest soul record ever made. The other 27 ain't bad, either.


lo-fi jr.
Date: 2/12/2003
Some of my faves off the few comps I have. Keep 'em comin'!
Franklin Onn
Date: 2/12/2003
Great stuff!
The Misfit
Date: 2/12/2003
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/13/2003
wow! Awesome stuff. I must have this mix. Care to trade?
Date: 2/13/2003
Excellent stuff...has the makings of a great series.
Mo Twang!
Date: 2/13/2003
Very nice.
Date: 2/13/2003
hey, this sounds wonderful.
p the swede
Date: 2/13/2003
wonderful stuff
Date: 2/13/2003
Great mix....!
Date: 2/13/2003
Lots of great stuff. I'd love to trade for this if you're interested.
Date: 2/13/2003
Great stuff. Second time this week for P. P. Arnold (in one of mine too) - must be making a comeback.

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