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Rent Party

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John Lee Hooker  House Rent Boogie  buy on itunes
Mercy Dee  Mercy's Party  buy on itunes
The Grey Ghost  Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop  buy on itunes
Dr. Hepcat  Haddie Green  buy on itunes
Dave Alexander  Old House Party  buy on itunes
Piano Red  Rockin' with Red  buy on itunes
Koko Taylor  Wang Dang Doodle  buy on itunes
Son Seals  Gentleman from the Windy City  buy on itunes
Howlin' Wolf  All Night Boogie  buy on itunes
Champion Jack Dupree  The Shim Sham Shimmy  buy on itunes
Big Joe Turner  Jumping Tonight  buy on itunes
Wynonie Harris  Good Rockin' Tonight  buy on itunes
Hank Ballard & the Midnighters  Finger Poppin' Time  buy on itunes
J.B. Hutto  The Combination Boogie  buy on itunes
Slim Harpo  Tip on In  buy on itunes
Professor Longhair  Ball the Wall  buy on itunes
Marcia Ball  That's Enough of that Stuff  buy on itunes
Howlin' Wolf  Howlin' Wolf Boogie  buy on itunes
Jimmy Rogers  Rock this House  buy on itunes
B.B. King  House Rocker  buy on itunes
Lou Ann Barton  Let's Have a Party  buy on itunes
Johnny Winter  Shake Your Money Maker  buy on itunes
Stevie Ray Vaughan  The House is Rockin'  buy on itunes
Champion Jack Dupree  Drunk Again  buy on itunes
Leroy Washington  Wild Cherry  buy on itunes
Koko Taylor  Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night  buy on itunes


Another mix in my continuing crusade to put more blues on AOTM. The theme this time is rent parties Rent parties apparently had their origin in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance after the first World War. Southern migration and a flowering of the arts combined to make Harlem the center of black urban and intellectual life for the whole country. Local landlords saw a good thing, and they charged inflated rents as housing demand soared. At the same time, African-Americans were, as usual, paid lower wages than white workers. Rent parties began to proliferate as a means of making ends meet. The hosts would advertise the party to try to attract a large crowd, charge admission, and use the proceeds to pay the week's rent. The hosts would also provide food (mostly Southern-style cooking) to sell to guests, along with a little bathtub gin, corn, or home brew. You night even find some cards or craps in one of the rooms. A band might consist of anything from a lone piano player to a large pick-up band. All in all, the parties retained the feel of the Southern jook-joint parties that many of the attendees experienced before their move north.
The mix starts with John Lee's sad tale of no job and no money for rent. His solution, however, is a timeless one that has nothing to do with parties. The next five tracks are some nice, informal barrelhouse-type piano tunes. This is the way I imagine a lot of rent parties took shape -- the musical entertainment would begin when someone arrived who could play the piano. Then if somebody showed up with a guitar, he would sit in. Then maybe someone else would arrive with a horn, a harmonica, or whatever. Pretty soon you had a band. From here the party starts to get more raucous as more revelers arrive and the apartment begins to fill up. Koko starts and ends this part of the mix, first describing the party to take place, and finally, on the morning after, trying to remember the fun she must have had. In between, plenty of boogieing, shaking, shimmying, rocking, jumping, drinking, and landlord annoying.
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Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 2/14/2003
Lip-smackin', body-shakin' good!
Mo Twang!
Date: 2/14/2003
Fantastic! Tell me where the party is and I'm there.
Rob Conroy
Date: 2/14/2003
Keep the blooz comin', boy. Nice mix.
Date: 2/14/2003
Got room for a kazoo player..? I bring my own chair....(At any rate, and even an inflated rate, this one'll likely raise the roof over your head, then the landlord'll just have to fix THAT! Won't he?! In the meantime he can't charge rent. This solves all problems. Leave it to Franklin Onn, BluesBoy Genius!)
Date: 2/14/2003
Excellent as always.
Date: 2/14/2003
Another great mix, Steve. A brilliant idea and smashing liner notes. Just take it for granted I'll be wanting this and everything else you care to serve up! Your mixes went out today, sorry for the delay.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 2/15/2003
Date: 2/15/2003
yeah yeah, i'm with you! this is truly mighty music.
The Misfit
Date: 2/15/2003

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