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Jebediah  Fall Down   buy on itunes
Jebediah  Nothing Lasts Forever   buy on itunes
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Jebediah  October   buy on itunes


In the late '90s, Jebediah barrelled out of Perth, across the Aussie alt-rock firmament, on a mission to weld sugar-rush power-hooks to a skeleton of indestructible sonic titanium . . . and the results were spectacular. The band's roller-coaster rapidly picks up a full head of steam here with the primal surges of "Animal" from second album Of Someday Shambles (1999), loops around early highlight "Teflon," and generates the solar flares of "She's Like a Comet" from 2011's Kosciuszko, a return to the fray that followed frontman Kevin Mitchell's solo side-project, Bob Evans, and his supergroup outings with the Basement Birds. Jebediah combusts like water and sodium, and their chemistry is infectious, in Next Steps.
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