The Days when I can't find a breath they keep comming and comming...

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One Line Drawing   Breathless  buy on itunes
The Used  Blue and Yellow   buy on itunes
Student Rick   Acoustic Song   buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional   The Places That You've Come To Fear The Most  buy on itunes
Matthew Sweet   The Fine Art of Falling Apart  buy on itunes
Alkaline Trio   Trouble Breathing   buy on itunes
One Line Drawing   Your Letter  buy on itunes
Lifehouse   Sick Cycle Carousel   buy on itunes
New Found Glory   The Goodbye Song   buy on itunes
Further Seems Forever  Insincerity as an Artform   buy on itunes
The Lyndsay Diaries  Wishing Well  buy on itunes
One Line Drawing   My Little Relief  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  Fever  buy on itunes
Ben Harper   Forever   buy on itunes
Lifehouse   Breathing  buy on itunes
Nick Drake   Nick Drake   buy on itunes
Dashboard Confessional  For You To Notice  buy on itunes
Something Corporate  Letters To Noelle  buy on itunes
Jimmy Eat World  Hear You Me  buy on itunes
Beth Orton   Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine  buy on itunes


Each day seems to pile the weight from the day before on top of me and some of my closest friends. I am making three copy of this one for me and one for my best friend and a friend or ours. I hope that one day soon I will find what I am looking for and this feeling like shit will end...


Date: 2/23/2003
good luck!
Date: 2/23/2003
Hang it there!
Date: 7/8/2003
The Fine Art of Falling Apart is a Matthew Good song.

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