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Fleet Foxes

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It's always hugely satisfying when a new band's influences are as clearly defined as a windmill on a horizon, yet their sound is totally unique and uplifting. Such was the case with the Pacific North-West's Fleet Foxes, who followed a couple of early EPs with a 2008 self-titled debut that echoed the Beach Boys, C,S&N, Neil Young and Love without even a hint of lazy borrowing or half-baked homage — the transfixing power of gorgeous, ambitious semi-acoustic standouts like "Mykonos" and "Your Protector" was clear from the off, as was the haunting folkish appeal of "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" (Live Shepherd's Bush version included here) and "Oliver James". Stunning instrumentation, cleverly arranged harmonies and frontman Robin Pecknold's one-of-a-kind rustic vocal presence lay at the core of Fleet Foxes' appeal, and 2011 they delivered their second studio album Helplessness Blues, forging lyrical allusions to the poetry of W.B. Yeats and continuing to enchant on a timeless, myt
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