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purple haze

Artist Song Buy
jimi hendrix  purple haze  buy on itunes
nelly feat. st lunatics  wrap sumden  buy on itunes
nas  purple  buy on itunes
aphex twin  powerpill pacman  buy on itunes
sir smoke alot  i wanna talk to sampson  buy on itunes
sr-71  they all fall down  buy on itunes
trust company  deeper into you  buy on itunes
evanescence  going under  buy on itunes
good charlotte  motivation proclamation  buy on itunes
good charlotte  the young and hopeless  buy on itunes
tupac  staring at the world through my rearview  buy on itunes
deep forest  dream city (ambient mix)  buy on itunes


Experimental because I am high as hell off some purple haze my friend just got, and I don't know what i'm doing, really. 02-28-03 (Friday).
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Notorious L.I.N.D.S.A.Y.
Date: 2/28/2003
Gotta say I'm jealous of the purple haze!
Date: 3/1/2003
Cute lol really.. GC!.. hehe
Date: 3/1/2003
Geez you always beat me *ok well maybe not really seeing as how that was a first*.... Long time no see :P
Date: 3/1/2003
crap forgot to write this mix reminds me of my catnip hopped up on cat nip (which she is at this very moment).. And Since you won you should give it to me just because muhahahaha
Matt Carpenter
Date: 3/21/2003
If you really wanna hear something trippy, check out The Cure's version of Purple Haze.

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