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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

There is always something that I wish you'd say

Artist Song Buy
Tori Amos  Winter  buy on itunes
Joseph Arthur  September Baby  buy on itunes
Radiohead  High and Dry  buy on itunes
Tori Amos  Love Song (cure cover)  buy on itunes
Wolfsheim  Youth and Greed  buy on itunes
Red House Painters  Katy Song  buy on itunes
Sunny Day Real Estate  The Ocean  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  November  buy on itunes
Spiritualized  Broken Heart  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Hurt  buy on itunes
Pernice Brothers  Chicken Wire  buy on itunes
Gene  Olympian  buy on itunes
Ryan Adams  When The Stars Go Blue  buy on itunes
Jump, Little Children  Cathedrals  buy on itunes
Jim O'Rourke  Good Times  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Mad World  buy on itunes
Jeff Buckly  So Real  buy on itunes
Whiskeytown  Under Your Breath  buy on itunes
Vertical Horizon  Everything You Want  buy on itunes
Iron and Wine  Upward Over The Mountain  buy on itunes
Crooked Fingers  When You Were Mine  buy on itunes


I was feeling really down today about a couple different things going on so i made myself a mix to go along with my mood. I know that the vertical horizon song used to get played on the radio and stuff but the song seems to fit with how i feel.
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abigail dice1
Date: 3/1/2003
wow....this is fantastic. great Tori picks. :) and thanks for the kind words on my last mix, I appreciate it. hope you feel better! *hugs*
Date: 3/1/2003
nice mix..
Date: 3/1/2003
this mix is amazing...
Date: 3/1/2003
Wouldn't expect nothing less..super.
Date: 3/1/2003
very cool. i used explodingdog pictures for a bunch of mixes i made once. it just fits the mood. and johnny cash's NIN cover is one of saddest things ever.. cool.
Date: 3/2/2003
wow i love the mix better than i could do! i always love your mixes! cheer up later
Josh Smart
Date: 3/2/2003
This is the single greatest mix that anyone has ever made in the history of human civilization. Everyone might as well stop making mixes now, cuz no other mix will ever even come close to this one.
Katie Red
Date: 3/4/2003
brilliant..another brilliant mix from nick. bravo love the tori amos song
Date: 3/4/2003
This mix is really cool. I love you nick.
Date: 5/18/2003
true to its word.
Date: 5/21/2003
Good God Man! I haven't felt these goosebumps come on since the last time I thought of drawing "that kind of bath". Artwork is dang! too...
Rachel Dial
Date: 6/10/2003
Wow. This mix fits my mood perfectly, atleast..the songs I actually know do.

Good job
Date: 1/13/2004
GREAT picture!

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