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Incubus: Similar Sounds

Artist Song Buy
Linkin Park  What I've Done   buy on itunes
Staind  It's Been Awhile   buy on itunes
Korn  Freak On a Leash   buy on itunes
System of a Down  Toxicity   buy on itunes
Deftones  Hole In the Earth   buy on itunes
Fuel  Hemorrhage (In My Hands)   buy on itunes
Hoobastank  The Reason   buy on itunes
Brand New  Jesus Christ   buy on itunes
The Music  Drugs   buy on itunes
Alexisonfire  This Could Be Anywhere In the World   buy on itunes
Ultraspank  Click   buy on itunes
Hundred Reasons  Falter   buy on itunes
Sparta  Air   buy on itunes
The Working Title  Something She Said   buy on itunes
Gruvis Malt  Even the Scars Forget the Wounds   buy on itunes


You can't decipher Incubus without studying the rafter-reaching guitar licks and heart-wrenching vocals at the heart of the modern rock zeitgeist. Their fiery fusion of rap, nü-metal, and '90s alt-rock is all over Linkin Park's "What I've Done." Both bands intuitively understand how to spot-weld monolithic hooks to freight-train rhythms. Emerging at a time of transition from grunge to contemporary left-of-the-dial funk, Incubus are pioneers in bridging the gap between their gritty hardcore roots and slow-burning, stadium-sized sing-alongs. That set the stage for groups like Long Island post-hardcore/emo pioneers Brand New, whose haunting "Jesus Christ" turns inward and outward at the same time, posing more questions that it answers. At a time when the divide between the mainstream and underground couldn't be more evident, Incubus harnesses the energy of the subterraneans and supercharge it with more melody and virtuosic skill. And then there's Sacramento's Deftones, a group particularly worshiped within the same Southern California circles as Incubus. Check out "Hole In the Earth," where the Deftones' high-octane engine burrows into the darker side of the Golden State. Or look anywhere else on our Similar Sounds playlist to experience the shared DNA between Incubus and groups like Korn, System of a Down, The Working Title, Staind, and more.
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