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Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock
Cassette | Electronic - Ambient
Cassette | Electronic - Ambient
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

let's build a mountain...

Artist Song Buy
sigur ros  intro/svefn-g-englar  buy on itunes
interpol  untitled  buy on itunes
mogwai  take me somewhere nice  buy on itunes
mogwai  o i sleep  buy on itunes
godspeed you black emperor!  9-15-00 (0:00-6:38)  buy on itunes
a silver mount zion  could've moved mountains  buy on itunes
the deftones  teenager  buy on itunes
clip from the film "american beauty"  the part where ricky and jane are watching the bag he filmed  buy on itunes
radiohead  pulk/pull revolving doors  buy on itunes
azure ray  sleep  buy on itunes
the smiths  asleep  buy on itunes


this mix is burned as one track, so you can't skip around. i've been feeling stressed for some reason lately and it seems to help me relax. it's also nice for a nap, or to listen to while reading. it clocks in at just under an hour.
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Nuke The Whales
Date: 3/6/2003
very very nice....the godspeed track is on one of mine too.....and nothing is better for the scalding depressions than sigur ros
Fall Semester
Date: 6/10/2003
Can we maybe trade mixes? That is a good mix.
lax bowels
Date: 6/14/2004
my goodness, this is a good mix. i've fallen asleep.

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