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Cassette | Theme - Alternating DJ

ííííí!!!!!ííííí!!!!!ííííí/The Modern Sound

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Don Caballero  Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex  buy on itunes
Slint  Ron  buy on itunes
Karp  30 Ton Press  buy on itunes
My Bloody Valentine  Several Girls Galore  buy on itunes
Lightning Bolt  The Two Towers  buy on itunes
Melvins  Skweetis  buy on itunes
Big Black  Passing Complexion  buy on itunes
The Locust  Moth Eaten Deer Head  buy on itunes
Arab on Radar  God is Dad  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Radio Friendly Unit Shifter  buy on itunes
Lustre King  Transit Must Suffer  buy on itunes
Malachi Constant  Rhythms  buy on itunes
Melt-Banana  Showroom Dummies  buy on itunes
Erase Errata  Tongue Tied  buy on itunes
Wicketran  Smelting at High Altitudes  buy on itunes
Song of Zarathustra  Tame  buy on itunes
Side B
Signal to Trust  The Spectacular  buy on itunes
United Snakes  Secrets of the Emperor Sun  buy on itunes
Volante  Hum  buy on itunes
The Hidden Chord  The Face of an Asshole  buy on itunes
The Plastic Constellations  Chunk Rawk  buy on itunes
Wicketran  The Juggler  buy on itunes
The Vets  Manifest/A Short Verse  buy on itunes
Self-Evident  Night Terrors  buy on itunes
Malachi Constant  Global Capitalism's Exploitation Breeds Poverty and Despair  buy on itunes
The Hockey Night  Princess Starcrystal  buy on itunes
Valender  Hapless Heart  buy on itunes
V9R9D  Safari Hair Adventure  buy on itunes
Heads and Bodies  Under the Volcano  buy on itunes
Signal to Trust  Warning of the Ships  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


a mixtape I just made for an impending drive to Omaha. Man, I miss making mix tapes. CD burning allows me to play perfectionist, but I'm my own worst enemy in that regard. Sometimes you just gotta do it on the fly...


Date: 3/13/2003
in its own mysterious way, this mix makes me happy.
Date: 3/14/2003
excellent picks! esp. nirvana, erase errata and slint! don't know about those mbv and big black picks though, ill have to check em out
Date: 11/9/2003
lots of good heavy tough songs. i like those songs. but the pixies cover should be called "lame." heh heh. song of zarathustra is really good, but their first album blows away the new one. i like heavy music.

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