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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Romantic
CD | Mixed Genre

Defend, Offend, and Bring Them All Down With You!

Artist Song Buy
Eminem  The Real Slim Shady  buy on itunes
Bare Jr.  You Blew Me Off  buy on itunes
Cake  Short Skirt, Long Jacket  buy on itunes
Ben Folds  Song for the Dumped  buy on itunes
311  Amber  buy on itunes
Lords of Acid  Marijuana in your Brain  buy on itunes
Beastie Boys  So Watcha Want  buy on itunes
Bloodhound Gang  Ballad of Chasey Lain  buy on itunes
Insane Clown Posse  Dating Game  buy on itunes
Beck  Where It's At  buy on itunes
Offspring  Pretty Fly  buy on itunes
Blink182  The Rock Show  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Smells Like Teen Spirit  buy on itunes
Janes Addiction  Jane Says  buy on itunes
Strokes  Last Night  buy on itunes
Stroke 9  Kick Some Ass  buy on itunes
Dead Milkmen  Smoke Some Pot  buy on itunes
Lit  Everything's Cool  buy on itunes
PJ Harvey  One Time Too Many  buy on itunes
Buck Cherry  For the Movies  buy on itunes
Custom  Beat Me  buy on itunes


When I worked as a "box breaker" in the back room of a local chain bookstore, this was one of my favorite mixes to listen to. No one would bother me on the days I played it. Or hang out much in the back. Or really even look me in the eye. I wonder why? :)


Date: 3/23/2003
icp and eminem??? ugh eminem....
Date: 3/23/2003
This is great. I like how you think lol
Date: 5/28/2003
you're my hero.

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