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Jay-Z & Beyoncé  03' Bonnie & Clyde   buy on itunes
Ja Rule  Holla Holla   buy on itunes
DMX  Slippin'   buy on itunes
50 Cent  Many Men (Wish Death)   buy on itunes
Eminem  Rock Bottom   buy on itunes
Game & 50 Cent  Westside Story   buy on itunes
Young Buck  Buck the World   buy on itunes
Obie Trice  The Setup   buy on itunes
T.I.  Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna)   buy on itunes
Common & Cee-Lo  A Song for Assata   buy on itunes
Lil Wayne  Hustler Musik   buy on itunes
Cassidy  I'm a Hustla   buy on itunes
Black Rob  Ready (Explicit Version)   buy on itunes
Bishop Lamont & EA Sports Soundtrack, Vol. 1  I Am a Soldier   buy on itunes
Saigon featuring Trey Songz  Pain In My Life (Featuring Trey Songz)   buy on itunes


2Pac is like Michael Jordan — every few years, someone anoints an heir apparent, but no one can quite fill his shoes. The closest contender was 50 Cent, who declared on his first single that he wanted the people to love him like they loved 2Pac. Brawny, pop-savvy, and with Machiavellian brain power, Curtis Jackson captured his idol's mix of world-weary fatalism and ability to instill fear with tracks like "Many Men (Wish Death)." After all, both survived near-death experiences to lead their respective generation. But even those who'd never faced hot lead built on 2Pac's blueprint. Taunted by 2Pac in his lifetime, Jay-Z used the cadences and flamenco guitars of his "Me & My Girlfriend" to jumpstart "Bonnie & Clyde '03," a ride-or-die anthem featuring Beyoncé. Indeed, nearly every marquee rapper who blew up after 2Pac's death has used him as an artistic north star, including Eminem, who even wrote a letter to Afeni Shakur asking for permission to executive produce a posthumous 2Pac album. The downtrodden empathy of "Rock Bottom" reveals 2Pac's heart beating through the box-spring saga of Slim Shady. And Eminem wasn't alone, as superstars ranging from the Game to Ja Rule, from Lil Wayne and DMX regularly quote from the testament of Makaveli.
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