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Some Accident Of Beauty (disc 1)

Artist Song Buy
SOUTH  Broken Head I   buy on itunes
SOUTH  Paint The Silence  buy on itunes
DOVES  Far From Grace  buy on itunes
STONE ROSES   Ten Storey Love Song  buy on itunes
GALAXIE 500   Fourth Of July  buy on itunes
SIX BY SEVEN   I. O. U. Love  buy on itunes
CHILLS   Pink Frost  buy on itunes
CURE  Chain Of Flowers  buy on itunes
RIDE  Vapour Trail  buy on itunes
DIVINE COMEDY   Lost Property  buy on itunes
CHARLATANS   My Beautiful Friend  buy on itunes
DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE   Song For Kelly Huckaby  buy on itunes
LULLABY FOR THE WORKING CLASS   Inherent Song  buy on itunes
CATHERINE WHEEL   What We Want To Believe In  buy on itunes
CHAMELEONS   As High As You Can Go  buy on itunes
ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES in the DARK   Forever Live And Die  buy on itunes
SUNDAYS  I Kicked A Boy  buy on itunes
MAGNETIC FIELDS   I Don't Want To Get Over You  buy on itunes
INNOCENCE MISSION   Moon River  buy on itunes
EVELINE  Agnes Martin  buy on itunes


Just a clarification here...
This mix WAS formerly known as "Pure Obscure And Then Some" but I changed it back to the original title "Some Accident Of Beauty" -23/09/03. I had renamed it "Pure Obscure And Then Some" after adding it to this site. See I did realize that a lot of the songs are not at all obscure (to the intelligible listener anyway). Hence the "And then Some". By the way, amongst the obscure is EVELINE. I have it on good authority for a slightly special reason that I can definitely guarantee no one has ever heard of it... unless they choose to visit the site for EVELINE.
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