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robert fripp  urban landscapes (white 7 inch ep)  buy on itunes
david fulton  floating in 2/3's  buy on itunes
the THE  lung shadows  buy on itunes
photek  halogen  buy on itunes
robert miles  improvization 1  buy on itunes
talvin singh  traveler  buy on itunes
bowie / eno  some are  buy on itunes
jeff pearce  melancholia  buy on itunes
steve roach  bottomless  buy on itunes
john cage  a valentine out of season  buy on itunes
brian eno  cornered  buy on itunes
cujo  reef's edge  buy on itunes
eM  magellantic clouds  buy on itunes
phil ranelin  time is running out  buy on itunes
mouse on mars  chagrin  buy on itunes
seofon / mark van hoen  shrine  buy on itunes
haujobb  x-flow  buy on itunes
experimental audio research  buy on itunes
steve tibbetts  glass everywhere  buy on itunes
love & rockets  trip & glide  buy on itunes


ambient/experimental...see notes, Disc 1. part 2 of 4.
image for mix


David Fulton
Date: 4/8/2003
Thanks! I have not been working on solo ambient stuff lately but you might also like the ambient stylings of Mgriffin/Dfulton.

> I make music mixes, on mini-disc, as a hobby & have included
> it alongside some other faves like Robert Fripp, Steve Tibbetts,
> Viridian Sun, & Seofon.

I am glad you enjoyed it, sounds like a cool project, and thank you for taking the time to drop a note!

steve roach12
Date: 4/8/2003
many thanks for the resonation's on bottomless.I'm sure you will find the perfect place for it. In a few weeks my 4 cd box set "Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces" will be released....4 x 74" of the most pure, deep and bottomless non-rhythmic zones I could create at this time.. been working on this one nearly 4 years.check out the site.

all my best,
Date: 4/9/2003
oh my...
Date: 4/9/2003
Hey, I'm not Steve Roach (!!), but this mix looks pretty tasty.
Date: 4/9/2003
mindblowing stuff, outstanding mixes!
Date: 4/9/2003
looks great!
Date: 4/21/2003
Heeh, you always were the king of experimental around here. Glad you're still up to it, feeling the Steve Roach track! Speak to you soon!

Michael Bentley
Date: 5/6/2003
>I'm very interested in sub.terra too & notice it's not out
>yet, but notes a 5/1/03 release...will it be available sometime soon?


Thanks for the note and I apologize for the delay. Just got back home
last night after a couple of weeks on the road performing in the
northeast, taking the Foundry show on the road.

The new project sounds cool; good luck with it. In fact SUB.TERRA just
arrived here today! We have had some production delays due to lost film and those sorts of things, but this project has been slow all along for whatever reason... sometimes they're like that! I believe Mike Griffin has also received it now and should have it available through the
Hypnos store, or you can
order it directly from me. Soleilmoon will also have it soon.

Thanks very much for your interest, I hope you enjoy the album! Let
me know if there's any other information I can provide for you.

All the best...



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