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Sing Me to Sleep

Artist Song Buy
The Postal Service  Sleeping In  buy on itunes
The Microphones  Moon Moon Moon  buy on itunes
Velvet Underground  Stephanie Says  buy on itunes
Phantom Planet  Turn Smile Shift Repeat  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Sleep Spent  buy on itunes
Godspeed You Black Emperor!  Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven  buy on itunes
Azure Ray  Sleep  buy on itunes
Norah Jones  Don't Know Why  buy on itunes
Rainer Maria  Rise  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  85  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Mad World  buy on itunes
Air  Playground Love  buy on itunes
The Smiths  Asleep  buy on itunes
The Good Life  Black Out  buy on itunes



Date: 4/15/2003
jed the humanoid
Date: 12/25/2004
wow! i was looking at one of my mixes and i clicked 'next mix' and this is what i found. brilliant mix!!! i love it. velvets, death cab, godspeed, air, smiths. sigh...

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