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CD | Alternative - College Rock
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
Playlist | Alternative - College Rock
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wet sand

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the notwist  trashing days  buy on itunes
piano magic  sketch for joanne  buy on itunes
coil  paranoid inlay  buy on itunes
wire  blessed state  buy on itunes
legendary pink dots  spike-psychomix  buy on itunes
nurse with wound-current 93  panzer ruin  buy on itunes
tear garden  feathered friends  buy on itunes
einsturzende neubauten  tanz debil  buy on itunes
boards of canada  corsair  buy on itunes
can  sing swan song  buy on itunes
mogwai  o i sleep  buy on itunes
fridge  cut up piano and xylophone  buy on itunes
gang of four  not great men  buy on itunes
radiohead  in limbo  buy on itunes
can   outside my door  buy on itunes
godspeed you black emperor!  she dreamt she was a bulldozer, she dreamt she was alone in an empty field  buy on itunes
legendary pink dots  abracadabra ZZZZ  buy on itunes
hood  they removed all trace that anything had ever happened here  buy on itunes


poppys. and our own pet opiate.


Sonic Death
Date: 4/27/2003
Date: 4/27/2003
rawkin'. uh-huh !
Date: 5/8/2003
....way out in the Sonoran desert.., spring rains.....high-pitched calls...behold Bufo Alvarius

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