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Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs

We Can Rebuild You, We Can Make You Stronger...

Artist Song Buy
Lounge Brigade  Iron Man  buy on itunes
Vice Squad  Enter Sandman  buy on itunes
In Flames  Everything Counts  buy on itunes
Lipmonger  Wonderful World  buy on itunes
Dope  No Chance  buy on itunes
Bile   Do You Wanna Touch Me There (Oh Yeah)  buy on itunes
Ghoti Hook  Just What I Needed  buy on itunes
Tummler  Working For MCA  buy on itunes
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  The Boxer  buy on itunes
Solomon Burke Jr.  Purple Rain  buy on itunes
Helloween  White Room  buy on itunes
ALL  Rebel Yell  buy on itunes
Johnette Napolitano  Superstar  buy on itunes
MxPx  Take On Me  buy on itunes
Overkill  Space Truckin'  buy on itunes
The Get Up Kids  On With the Show  buy on itunes
Backdraft   Child of Babylon  buy on itunes
Zeromancer  Send Me An Angel  buy on itunes
Living Colour  Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothin  buy on itunes
Fattburger  Everybody Wants to Rule the World  buy on itunes


...welfare mix 46, recently my computer crashed and I lost all the music I had stored...I wasn't going to try and replace the music until I came across the In Flames cover and that got me all excited and out of my computer crashin-no mix makin'- funk...


Date: 5/11/2003
I HAVE to hear that In Flames cover.

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