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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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to mark oliver, my secret future husband

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eels  mr. e's beautiful blues  buy on itunes
hello crule world  buy on itunes
eels  p.s. you rock my world  buy on itunes
eels  janie's diary  buy on itunes
eels  my beloved monster  buy on itunes
eels  dead of winter  buy on itunes
eels  susan's house  buy on itunes
eels  ant farm  buy on itunes
eels  beautiful freak  buy on itunes
eels  electro shock blues  buy on itunes
eels  selective memory  buy on itunes
eels  flower  buy on itunes
eels  your lucky day in hell  buy on itunes
eels  rags to rags  buy on itunes
eels  i like birds  buy on itunes
eels  manchild  buy on itunes
eels   3 speed  buy on itunes
eels   last stop this town  buy on itunes


this mix means a lot to me because this band was honestly my first obsesion. i thought i was going to marry e (mark oliver) and have him write songs for me. but as time went on.. it became more of a friendship.. my dad died, his sister dies, cancer and death both made us feel shitty. it was just nice to have music to go through that with. no i dont have any of the new album on this because the new album is more of a male album.. or maybe its because i just got it and realized hes happy and married and ok.. and im still making mix cds.. and editing out the happy parts. its 3:09 am.. forgive me
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Date: 5/20/2003
"Beautiful Freak" is my favourite Eels song. That is a song I would sing to a girl if we were alone in our flat, watching the rain + laughing at the ludicrousness of everything + all. I'm disappointed to see "Guest List" didn't make it on here, 'cause that song meant a lot to me for a long time. It still does, just not so much. Like you said, we all move on eventually. Out.
i crawl back into your arms
Date: 5/20/2003
aw, i love the eels.

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