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Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind: Queen Covers

Artist Song Buy
A Midnight Dawn  Another One Bites the Dust  buy on itunes
Brian Setzer Orchestra  Crazy Little Thing Called Love  buy on itunes
Sugarbomb  Killer Queen  buy on itunes
Blue Meanies  Stone Cold Crazy  buy on itunes
Glass Candy  The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke  buy on itunes
Hayseed Dixie  Fat Bottom Girls  buy on itunes
Blnmchen  Bicycle Race  buy on itunes
Dune  Who Wants To Live Forever  buy on itunes
The Former Yugoslavia  Bohemian Rhapsody  buy on itunes
Snoop Dogg  We Will Rock You  buy on itunes
Laibach  Geburt Einer Nation  buy on itunes
The Convocation Of  Get Down Make Love  buy on itunes
MSG  I Want It All (Julian Beeston Remix)  buy on itunes
Jeff Scott Soto & Bruce Kulick  Save Me  buy on itunes
Fastbacks  Brighton Rock (Live)  buy on itunes
Lemmy Kilminster  Tie Your Mother Down  buy on itunes
Crooked Fingers  Under Pressure  buy on itunes
The Busters  We Are The Champions  buy on itunes
Melt Banana  We Will Rock You  buy on itunes


Surprisingly, there are very few Queen covers out there, and even fewer that are any good. I don't think there's all that much else out there that didn't make the final cut, in fact (and yes, I know Travis did a cover of "Killer Queen", but it sounds identical to the Queen version, and frankly Sugarbomb's version is more interesting.) This mix pretty much jumps from avant-hard (Glass Candy) to epic industrial (Laibach, on what is probably the mix's best track) to country (Hayseed Dixie) to ska (the Busters) to dance (Dune) to pop (Sugarbomb) and everything in between... A testament to the universal appeal and influence of the Bohemian Rhapsodists. Rock on, Freddie, wherever you are.


The Other Martin
Date: 5/25/2003
Quality mix! There's also Electric 6 cover of Radio Ga-Ga but I think you would have to get it off of a bootleg of a gig! They usually play it as part of their set, but sometimes it has the same problem as Travis (being just too similar)
Date: 9/14/2003
i know what my brother's getting for christmas!

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