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the only mine experimental dreams of a momentaneous state of mind

Artist Song Buy
braid  forever got shorter  buy on itunes
appleseed cast  forever longing the golden sunset  buy on itunes
sunny day real estate  rain song  buy on itunes
taking back sunday  great romancies of 20th century  buy on itunes
cap'n jazz  little league  buy on itunes
the get up kids  long goodnight  buy on itunes
and you will know us by the trail of dead  another morning stoner  buy on itunes
texas is the reason  the bagic bullet theory  buy on itunes
sparta  collapse  buy on itunes
american football  never meant  buy on itunes
sweep the leg johnny  the face perpendicular to the shoreline  buy on itunes
hey mercedes  quit  buy on itunes
alkaline trio  all in black  buy on itunes
joan of arc  on a bedsheet in the breeze on the roof  buy on itunes
mock orange  one way letter  buy on itunes
promise ring  happy hour  buy on itunes
the early november  a sunday drive  buy on itunes
braid   the chandelier swing  buy on itunes
before braille  twentyfour minutes eighteen  buy on itunes
new amsterdam  proceed with caution  buy on itunes


sometimes gourgeous can be frustration...
.start listen every braid things and you'll understand.
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Date: 6/25/2003
fuck. this mix is awesome. woah.
Date: 6/25/2003
im feeling emotive. this mix is simply great cos it's of my brother and lets make ur dreams become reality closing ur eyes and moving ur mind. hugs bro :*
Date: 6/25/2003
wow this mix is really cool...
it r00lz..
Date: 6/25/2003
oh whao this art desing is so great. who's the graphic? looks really good. missing braid.
Date: 6/25/2003
andy...definitely you make me feel so depressed.. these sounds sink me into a narcotic is what I'm looking for... don't worry I can't forget your eyes, your skin, your voice... I still love you...
thanks andy for this moment of gourgeous frustration...
I'm waiting for your cd ...

andy! this mix is the best one i ever seen! reguard! :P

Date: 6/25/2003
andy.. don't get me wrong... what i've written is not for you.. but for another one...
your songs rememeber me what I can call, live, breath... love...

Date: 6/25/2003
Andy - This mix is great! I think I will be making a CD out of it.
Johanne Semour
Date: 6/25/2003
BEST MIX EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are great! please do other mix like that!

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