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remembering never  the moment you've realized you are nothing to everyone  buy on itunes
converge  the saddest day  buy on itunes
orchid  la desorde c'est moi  buy on itunes
saetia  one dying wish  buy on itunes
poison the well  mid air love message  buy on itunes
hot cross  pretty picture of a broken face  buy on itunes
textbook traitors  fine day to die  buy on itunes
the assistant  cry.blame.scream.repeat  buy on itunes
off minor  farewell, ne'er do well  buy on itunes


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Date: 7/2/2003
'Cause hey, the world can't be all gum-drops, now can it? Don't know what put you down that far, but here's hoping you make it back out soon. Listening to this sure isn't gonna help that. Still, it'll make the wallow that much better; the blades don't hurt as much the deeper they cut. Out.

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