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September never stays this cold

Artist Song Buy
Silverchair  Satin Sheets  buy on itunes
From Autumn to Ashes  Chloroform Perfume  buy on itunes
Our Lady Peace  4am  buy on itunes
Taking Back Sunday  Your Own Disaster  buy on itunes
Garbage  Cherry Lips  buy on itunes
Jack off Jill  Strawberry Gashes  buy on itunes
Nirvana  Lithium  buy on itunes
Goo Goo Dolls  Black Balloon  buy on itunes
The Travoltas  All Alone to the Senior Prom  buy on itunes
Taking Back Sunday  Great Romances of the 20th Century  buy on itunes
Taproot  Poem  buy on itunes
Tsunami Bomb  Lemonade  buy on itunes
Cry of Love  Peace Pipe  buy on itunes
Daft Punk  Daftendirekt  buy on itunes
Flogging Molly  Drunken Lullabies  buy on itunes
Rehab  Sittin at a Bar  buy on itunes


I know now all of these songs aren't incredibly depressing, but the ones that may seem happy have depressing memories along with them.


Date: 7/4/2003
i've only heard the Taking Back Sunday and Our Lady Peace songs. but i'm sure the rest are wonderful! ^^
Date: 7/6/2003
you've never herad Black Balloon by the Goo Goo Dolls? get on that!!! it is not one that should be missed

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