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But as for now, I'm going to...

Artist Song Buy
Azure Ray  Sleep  buy on itunes
Blatz  lullaby (Sleep Little One Sleep)  buy on itunes
Belle and Sebastian  Sleep The Clock Around  buy on itunes
Rilo Kiley  We'll Never Sleep (God knows we'll try)  buy on itunes
Calexico  No Doze  buy on itunes
The Postal Service  The District Sleeps Alone Tonight  buy on itunes
Nada Surf  Sleep  buy on itunes
Rocking Horse Winner  sleep well   buy on itunes
That Dog  Silently  buy on itunes
The Postal Service  Sleeping In  buy on itunes
Aquabats  I Fell Asleep On My Arm  buy on itunes
Glassjaw  Hurting and Shoving (She should have let me sleep)  buy on itunes
The Vines  I'm only sleeping  buy on itunes
Radiohead  Go to Sleep  buy on itunes
Four Seasons  The Lion Sleeps Tonight   buy on itunes
Walkmen  Wake up  buy on itunes


Finally I've gotten back onto themeing my mixes
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Date: 7/22/2003
Mm...I like this very much!
Date: 7/23/2003

rocking horse winner, that dog AND belle and sebastian!

tres excellente!
just a random person
Date: 7/23/2003
great mix! You can't forget The Smith's "Asleep" though
Date: 8/9/2003
hey what about postal service "sleeping in" or radiohead's "nice dream?" i guess those 2 bands are just full of sleep therapy music as your theme proves!

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