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there is no hope

Side A
Artist Song Buy
nine inch nails  hurt  buy on itunes
tom waits  dirt in the ground  buy on itunes
portishead  roads  buy on itunes
azure ray  no signs of pain  buy on itunes
stina nordenstam  dynamite  buy on itunes
joy division  love will tear us apart  buy on itunes
placebo  the crawl  buy on itunes
bonnie "price" billy  i see a darkness  buy on itunes
the cure  the funeral party  buy on itunes
the smiths  last night i dreamt that somebody loved me  buy on itunes
Side B
the cure  one hundered years  buy on itunes
the black heart procession  gently off the edge  buy on itunes
mazzy star  take everything  buy on itunes
spiritualized  broken heart (abbey road ep version)  buy on itunes
palace brothers  riding  buy on itunes
bright eyes  arienette  buy on itunes
television  torn curtain  buy on itunes
slowdive  dagger  buy on itunes
radiohead  street spirit (fade out)  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes


a mix tape to feel really down to. filled with clichTs ("last night i dreamt that somebody loved me" and "street spirit (fade out)" as closers) but i just love it. the opening with "hurt" worked better than i could possibly imagine. i couldn't decide between the two cure songs (they both fits so perfectly) so i included them both.
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Date: 8/3/2003
This looks really nice.
Jim C
Date: 8/3/2003
Tom Waits has all the best melancholic songs. I like the Spiritualized pick too.
Mike Pike Set
Date: 8/6/2003
gillar det mest hSr.....Det finns hopp med en kassett som denna;) Underbart roligt att se bsde Palace och bonnie billy! -r en stor beundrare av hans samtliga verk!

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