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Splatter Pattern

Artist Song Buy
Assemblage 23  Disappoint  buy on itunes
The Cure  Doing The Unstuck  buy on itunes
Virgin Prunes  Baby Turns Blue  buy on itunes
Joy Division  Dead Souls  buy on itunes
Android Lust  Slice Of Life (Bauhaus cover)  buy on itunes
Shock Therapy  Cold Outside  buy on itunes
The B0lsh0i  Borrowlands  buy on itunes
The Vast  I'm Dying  buy on itunes
Nine Inch Nails  The Day The World Went Away  buy on itunes
Marilyn Manson  Suicide Is Painless (cover)  buy on itunes
Christian Death  Romeo's Distress  buy on itunes
Sisters Of Mercy  Amphetamine Logic  buy on itunes
Portishead  Sour Times  buy on itunes
Gus Gus  Don't Fear The Reaper (cover)  buy on itunes
The Police  Death Wish  buy on itunes
Marcus James  Everything Is Different Now  buy on itunes
Depeche Mode  Blasphemous Rumours  buy on itunes
Linkin Park  In The End  buy on itunes


These are some beautiful songs to slit your wrists by. The first of two CD's I made for contemplating life and death while depressed.
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Date: 8/6/2003
This is nice and I have to admit, I hate that Linkin Park band, but that song is a guilty pleasure.
Hannigan, homicide
Date: 9/17/2003
Dude, your mixes rock.

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