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I am screaming backwards in the sand

Artist Song Buy
A Silver Mt. Zion  Movie (Never Made)  buy on itunes
Blur  B.L.U.R.E.M.I.  buy on itunes
...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead  It Was There That I Saw You  buy on itunes
Wilco  Kamera  buy on itunes
Love  Alone Again Or  buy on itunes
Bruce Springsteen  Atlantic City  buy on itunes
Tom Waits  Clap Hands  buy on itunes
Blur  Ambulance  buy on itunes
Rolling Stones  I Am Waiting  buy on itunes
Constantines  Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)  buy on itunes
Ween  The Stallion, Pt. 3  buy on itunes
Lydia Lunch  Atomic Bongos  buy on itunes
My Bloody Valentine  Loomer  buy on itunes
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band w/ Choir  Babylon Was Built on Fire/Starsnostars  buy on itunes


The theme lying throughout is that all of these songs have some sense of dread or uncertainty to them, no matter how poppy or catchy the music.


Date: 8/7/2003
Love the Stones track. Aftermath is one of my favorite albums.
Date: 8/8/2003
yeah this is a really good stones song
Date: 8/8/2003
"that is' i meant to say i guess
Date: 3/22/2004
Yes!! It Was There That I Saw You! It is brilliant and thank you for putting it on a mix. I've always meant to...

The rest of it is/looks ace too, particularly Love. Hurrah!

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