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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Theme - Sleep

music to sleep to.

Artist Song Buy
elliot smith  angels  buy on itunes
bif naked  lucky  buy on itunes
air  talisman  buy on itunes
34 satellite  spacemen  buy on itunes
alana davis  i don't care (lonesome road)  buy on itunes
chris lee  yellow moonlight  buy on itunes
zero 7  destiny  buy on itunes
the eagles  the sad cafe  buy on itunes
spiritualized  ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space  buy on itunes
jim croce  new york's not my home  buy on itunes
bjork  possibly maybe  buy on itunes
the doors  riders on the storm  buy on itunes
david bowie  as the world falls down (labyrinth)  buy on itunes
radiohead  fake plastic trees (acoustic)  buy on itunes
counting crows  ghost in you  buy on itunes
incubus  aqueous transmission  buy on itunes
her space holiday  key stroke  buy on itunes



Date: 8/17/2003
Excellent job I was thinking of making a mix like this..Some ones I considered including: Mazzy Star "Five String Serenade", Radiohead "Fitter Happier" and one more from OK computer (subterranean.. maybe??) and anything by Mercury Rev...Excellent job.
Date: 8/17/2003
I love that bif naked song

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