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songs for sleep

Artist Song Buy
The Vines  I'm only Sleeping  buy on itunes
Actionslacks  Last night I dreamed  buy on itunes
The Poastal Service  Sleeping In  buy on itunes
Weezer  Lullaby  buy on itunes
Jason Mraz  Sleep All Day  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Mad World  buy on itunes
Saves the Day  Third Engine  buy on itunes
Elbow  Asleep in the back  buy on itunes
Armor for Sleep  Dream to make belive  buy on itunes
The Dandy Warhols  Sleep  buy on itunes
Death Cab for Cutie  Sleep Tight  buy on itunes
Bright Eyes  Lila  buy on itunes
Modest Mouse  Sleepwalking  buy on itunes
Hot Hot Heat  Have a Good Sleep  buy on itunes
A Perfect Circle  Sleeping Beauty  buy on itunes
The Smashing Pumpkins  In the arms of Sleep  buy on itunes
Fiona Apple  Sleep to Dream  buy on itunes
Fugazi  I'm so tired  buy on itunes
Ben Folds Five  Narcolepsy  buy on itunes
The Smiths  Asleep  buy on itunes


not every song on this mix is about sleep, but as long as sleeping or dreaming were mentioned, they were considered for the mix. I'm a fan.


Fall Semester
Date: 8/18/2003
Oh man, I am so happy that you used that Smashing Pumpkins song, it is one of the most underrated Pumpkins songs ever.
Date: 8/19/2003
wow. i am absolutely in love with that gary jule's track from donnie darko as well as the smiths's asleep and modest mouse's sleepwalking. this is high-quality man.
Date: 8/19/2003
Wonderful Fiona Apple song, no? + I'm diggin' A Perfect Circle too. This is a wonderful collection of songs here, though the inevitable inclusion of the emo tracks is making my gorge rise a bit. I would've gone with the Beatles instead of the Vines, though it is a very good cover. Out.
It's just a shame that no one seems to care about any of Gary Jules' OTHER songs. "What, he has other songs?!"

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