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Give Me Back My Covers, Bitch!

Artist Song Buy
Trembling Blue Stars  Under Lock And Key  buy on itunes
Babes In Toyland  Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft  buy on itunes
Letters To Cleo  I Want You To Want Me  buy on itunes
Squarepusher  Love Will Tear Us Apart  buy on itunes
The Flaming Lips  Wonderful World  buy on itunes
Gary Jules  Mad World  buy on itunes
The White Stripes  Jolene  buy on itunes
Luna  Sweet Child Of Mine  buy on itunes
Pavement  Killing Moon  buy on itunes
Uncle Tupelo  I Wanna Be Your Dog  buy on itunes
Mark Kozelek  Around And Around  buy on itunes
Screeching Weasel  I Fall To Pieces  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  Hurt  buy on itunes
Cat Power  I Found A Reason  buy on itunes
Neko Case  Alone And Forsaken  buy on itunes
Songs Ohia  Darling...  buy on itunes


While working on two other impossible mixes for a girl, I took time off to make her a covers album. I limited myself to commercially available covers only. I think this is the perfect example of a mix that should have been made into a two cd set. The feeling at the beginning doesn't merge well into the later songs. On the other hand, that "sweetly depressive" feel is almost appropriate.

Horrible transitions in the early part of this mix aside, from "Sweet Child Of Mine" on is about as solid as it gets in my opinion. In this case "solid" means "bleak to the point of making me want to drive my car off a really high precipice."


Date: 8/30/2003
i understand that you limited to commercial covers, but neko case's best cover by far is "runnin' out of fools".. this is still a great mix, though!
Date: 8/31/2003
What I know of this is fantastic. I agree with velouria, but any Neko makes my day. :)
Date: 8/31/2003
Many good ones here. Maybe if you put the Babes in Toyland one at the end, with its goofy slidewhistle part, you'd leap from the car at the last minute and only break your legs. Then the paramedics would find you there, bleeding and laughing, trying to summon aliens with your MIND!
Date: 8/31/2003
I went with Alone And Forsaken because the girl I made this for is a Hank Williams fan. I agree about "Runnin' Out Of Fools" being her best cover and I'll probably put it on my version of this mix.

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