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in case of emergency, dial zero. [a mix for cody]

Artist Song Buy
gabor deutsch  kidnapped rad  buy on itunes
16b   colours (reprise)  buy on itunes
casino vs. japan  where to what for  buy on itunes
abstract polygon  rotoport (rough mix)  buy on itunes
aphex twin  flim  buy on itunes
arovane  deauville  buy on itunes
autechre  eggshell  buy on itunes
boards of canada  open the light  buy on itunes
bogdan raczynsi  untitled  buy on itunes
certitane project  anima (recomposition)  buy on itunes
cex  theme song to cex  buy on itunes
cylob  cylobian susnet  buy on itunes
diagram of suburban chaos  dryl  buy on itunes
u-ziq  brace yourself  buy on itunes


a mix for a friend of mine who i recently found out was interested in this genre


Date: 9/19/2003
i tried really hard to like autechre, but couldn't get my head around them. nice work, looks like a challenging listen.

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