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Fun With Tape Editing

Artist Song Buy
Neu!  Super 78  buy on itunes
Negativland  Christianity Is Stupid  buy on itunes
John Cage  Williams Mix  buy on itunes
Hugh Le Caine  Dripsody  buy on itunes
Frank Zappa  Porn Wars  buy on itunes
The Residents  Beyond The Valley Of A Day In The Life  buy on itunes
Charles Dodge  He Destroyed Her Image  buy on itunes
Brian Eno and David Byrne  America Is Waiting  buy on itunes
Negatvland  Yellow, Black And Rectangular  buy on itunes
Edgard Varese  Poem Electronique  buy on itunes
Neu!  Super 16  buy on itunes


All these songs are made using tape manipulation (among other things). Some of these come from OHM: The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music.
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Date: 11/12/2003
that looks pretty cool.
Date: 7/1/2004
This is excellent! How'd I miss all this great stuff?

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