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A Whipped Dog Whimpers in the Snow

Side A
Artist Song Buy
Apollo 440  Man with a Harmonica  buy on itunes
Gil Scott Heron  Grandma's Hands  buy on itunes
Fountains of Wayne  Valley Winter Song  buy on itunes
When in Rome  The Promise  buy on itunes
Warren Zevon  Prison Grove  buy on itunes
The Eels  It's a Motherfucker  buy on itunes
The Stranglers  The Raven  buy on itunes
Mission of Burma  That's When I Reach for My Revolver  buy on itunes
Neville Brothers  The Ballad of Hollis Brown  buy on itunes
Sugar Ray  Someday  buy on itunes
Lionel Belasco  Little Venezuelan Tune  buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
    buy on itunes
Side B
Smashing Pumpkins  Disarm  buy on itunes
Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey  History Repeating  buy on itunes
Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong  Dream a Little Dream  buy on itunes
Flogging Molly  What's Left of the Flag  buy on itunes
Dead Kennedys  Moon Over Marin  buy on itunes
Jackson Browne  Running on Empty  buy on itunes
Queen  Another One Bites the Dust  buy on itunes
Allman Brothers  Melissa  buy on itunes
Judy Henske  Til the Real Thing Comes Along  buy on itunes
The Eels  Lone Wolf  buy on itunes
Fountains of Wayne  No Better Place  buy on itunes
Johnny Cash  We'll Meet Again  buy on itunes
Cheap Suit Serenaders  Ragtime Nightingale (guitar version)  buy on itunes


My grandmother is fading, not recovering from her surgery. 86 strong years. She raised me and my sister, and our two cousins, as well as her own children. She's under sedation now. I'm the whipped dog. I'll always remember driving her home in my convertible from Sunday dinner, she always liked that, chatting along the way. She's not in pain now, there's always that. The Eels said it right: it's a motherfucker.
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Rob Conroy
Date: 12/7/2003
Sorry to hear about what's going on, good sir. Best of luck weathering the hardships. If it means anything, this is a fine mix. (And when I get some cash to actually buy CD cases and send CDs, I'll solidify our trade.)
Date: 12/7/2003
Sorry to hear abouy your situation. It sucks. I think the Flogging Molly track is perfect for hoisting a drink to remember someone special.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 12/8/2003
And she must be a fine person to inspire such a mix!

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