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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Blues - Classic Blues
CD | Mixed Genre

Who ever said crying is a bad thing?

Artist Song Buy
dixie chicks  travelin soldier  buy on itunes
hootie and the blowfish  let her cry  buy on itunes
jack johnson  news  buy on itunes
ben harper  diamonds on the inside  buy on itunes
tim mcgraw  dont take the girl  buy on itunes
dixie chicks  godspeed  buy on itunes
norah jones  dont know why  buy on itunes
eric clapton  tears in eaven  buy on itunes
tim mcgraw  remember me  buy on itunes
the beatles  eleanor rigby  buy on itunes
dixie chicks  top of the world  buy on itunes
green day  good riddance  buy on itunes
billy joel  and so it goes  buy on itunes
coldplay  the scientist  buy on itunes
bette midler  the rose  buy on itunes
counting crows  colorblind  buy on itunes
sheila nichols  fallin for you  buy on itunes



Date: 12/10/2003
Everything is awesome except.............................................................Bette Middler? Why in gods name would you look for comfort in such a psycho. Maybe the F Stop Blues by Jack Johnson, or some Dylan, christ, anythign acoustic, by The Cure, Incubus, Alice In Chains, Anything...especially for this website .....
Date: 12/10/2003
When you said depression, you meant it! Crying is a wonderful thing and thic mix sure does help!
Date: 12/11/2003
Dixe Chicks, Hootie, Counting Crows... That really IS depressing... And I'm sure the songs are sad too.

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