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you walk these streets alone...or so i'm told

Artist Song Buy
alkaline trio  you've got so far to go  buy on itunes
brand new  all I have to do is die  buy on itunes
the weakerthans  aside  buy on itunes
pretty girls make graves  speakers push the air  buy on itunes
jack off jill  fear of dying  buy on itunes
the mollies  abuse  buy on itunes
l7  shit list  buy on itunes
american hi-fi  the art of losing  buy on itunes
pennywise  perfect people  buy on itunes
black flag  jealous again  buy on itunes
misfits  hate the living, love the dead  buy on itunes
afi  last kiss  buy on itunes
thrice  paper tigers  buy on itunes
avenged sevenfold  we come out at night  buy on itunes
converge  hell to pay  buy on itunes
deftones  knife party  buy on itunes
minus the bear  monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!!  buy on itunes
sonic youth  dirty boots  buy on itunes
the damned  thrill kill  buy on itunes
the faint  violent  buy on itunes


"the beginning of life is just an end with a story attached to it. in this life you may bring much pain, feel much anger, be ostracized and have the life forced from you slowly. the person staring back at you may not be you, it may be someone else. when it is time for your time to end, do not fight back. go on into the other world so that you can come back to this one again."
we're all mad here. i'm not mad. well, you're here aren't you? then you must be mad."


The Miles Away Girl
Date: 7/8/2004
Love the hardcore influences :)

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