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Here you come again,only in my sleep

Artist Song Buy
Delerium  Serenity  buy on itunes
Frolic  To Dream,Perchance to Sleep  buy on itunes
Dark Muse  Once Amid A Dream  buy on itunes
Perfume Tree  Dreaming  buy on itunes
This Ascension  Sleep  buy on itunes
Margaret Far  Sing Me To Sleep  buy on itunes
Numina  Asleep Before The End Of The Story  buy on itunes
Harland  Sleeping Under Stars In Bloom  buy on itunes
Emilie Autumn  Remember  buy on itunes
Delerium  Eternal Odyssey  buy on itunes
Enigma  Dream Of The Dolphin  buy on itunes


A sleep mix i'm sending to someone on a yahoogroup..IMO it's the perfect sleep mix.Dark Muse and Numina are dreamy ambient artists.And almost all the titles have sleep or dream in them except for tracks 1,10 and 9-the song I took the title from.Delerium is on here twice because their latest cd owns me.And if you haven't heard Emilie Autumn-I truly pity you.


Mediaeval Moonbaebe
Date: 1/11/2004
This Ascension is pretty good! I heard them a few years ago on a friend's radio station.
Date: 1/15/2004
this is nice. i like it! :)

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