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the pilot ships  you've always been a dullard to me, part II  buy on itunes
iron and wine  promising light  buy on itunes
reindeer section  where i fall  buy on itunes
smog  all your women things  buy on itunes
death cab for cutie  little fury bugs  buy on itunes
the cure  homesick  buy on itunes
hayden  you are all i have  buy on itunes
my bloody valentine  sometimes  buy on itunes
postal service  this place is a prison  buy on itunes
calexico  black heart  buy on itunes
black heart procession  blue tears  buy on itunes
radiohead  how to disappear completely  buy on itunes
sparklehorse  wish you were here  buy on itunes
low  whore  buy on itunes
tom waits  take it with me when i go  buy on itunes


i suppose it's just too difficult to shake loose the confines of fairy tale living. hopes plague my every thought. love, change, god, peace, happiness; they all haunt me. when pandora opened the box she let loose suffering, but hope still remained in the box. afterward she freed it as well. that is the real tragedy. to feel as if there could be more. if i had no hopes, then maybe i would finally be free. perhaps it would be less painful to see the truth. the fact being that none of those things truly exist, and at most we can only hope for a momentary bastardization of such things. forever darkened with its inevitable demise.
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Date: 1/20/2004
Sometimes, hope is the only truth that exists. It doesn't necessarily mean that comes without hurt. But hey, you keep making mixes as good as this one, you'll be just fine.

French Connection
Date: 1/20/2004
Ditto Mimi, couldn't add/doesn't need anything else said.

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